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#H7 Carton Plus

  • Familiar carton design with an integrated retractable panel to deliver additional print and information.

  • A versatile design which can be adapted to hold any style of sachet, blister or other container.

  • The retractable panel can host an integrated leaflet for user info or additional marketing messages.


Adjustable Dimensions
Integrated Booklet
Security Feature
Additional Print Space
Blister/Sachet Ready

Why Buy Me?

  • Suitable for a wide range of products; blisters, sachets, bottles, devices, kits. Our design team can adjust to exactly fit.
  • Can be supplied flat ready for fulfilment.
  • Leaflet can also be attached to panel.
  • Blister options: New tooling, rent tooling from library, modify existing tooling, adapt existing blisters.
  • Sachets options: New tooling, rent tooling from library.
  • Patent pending: GB1510360.9

I Can Be...

  • Weekly supplies
  • On the go/ Travel packs
  • Promotional sample
  • Mail Order
  • Powdered food supplements
  • Drinks
  • Creams
  • Sachets
  • Medical devices
  • Blistered product