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#H3 Promotional Pack

  • Perfect for pilot runs and promotional samples of blisters or sachets - an efficient design with dynamic print space.

  • The perfect option if you love our Slider format but don’t want to change your existing blister

  • Amway Truvivity Aqua Supplements: The individual blisters are held within a printed fitment.


Adjustable Dimensions
Calenderised Feature
Integrated Booklet
Additional Print Space
Blister/Sachet Ready

Why Buy Me?

  • Simple but engaging, with plenty of print space for brand communication.
  • Suitable for blisters or sachets.
  • Unlike our N1 and N2, the blisters/sachets are removable and can be fulfilled at a later date.
  • Blister options: New tooling, rent tooling from library, modify existing tooling, adapt existing blisters.
  • Sachets options: New tooling, rent tooling from library.
  • Patented packaging.

I Can Be...

  • On the go/ Travel packs
  • Over the counter (OTC)
  • Mail Order
  • Promotional samples
  • Pilot runs