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#H1 Single Blister Pack

  • Compact and pocket friendly, the single blister design is great for lifestyle orientated products

  • KX 365: Multi vitamins presented in a combination blister pack

  • Aragan Flash: Vibrant packaging suitable for refrigerated storage


  • Aragan Sinuflash: 5 days product supply using a day and night blister


  • Zuyosa: A compact and pocket friendly pack


Adjustable Dimensions
Bespoke Blister
Calenderised Feature
Integrated Booklet
Additional Print Space

Why Buy Me?

  • Automated production option for higher volumes.
  • Attractive adherence promoting solution with an integrated blister and information booklet that remain attached to the pack at all times.
  • Most compact and efficient slider pack in the range.
  • Blister options: New tooling, rent tooling from library, modify existing tooling, adapt existing blisters.
  • Patented packaging.

I Can Be...

  • Weekly supplies
  • On the go/ Travel packs
  • Over the counter (OTC)
  • Mail Order
  • Promotional samples